Photography/Video/Sound Design/Music/Logo

Specializing in retro photography and video, we offer vintage film services with a modern twist.

Photo and Video

Vintage-Inspired Photography and Video

Bring your Vision to Life

Discover the enchanting world of retro film and cinematic photography with our bespoke services. We specialize in creating captivating visuals for personal and small projects, helping you transform your ideas into stunning reality.

  • Digital photography with a vintage twist, using an extensive collection of modern and classic lenses

  • Post-editing services to recreate iconic color schemes and film emulations (Kodachrome, Aerochrome, vintage black and white)

  • Videography and video editing tailored to your needs

  • Field recording, sound design, and music composition to elevate your project

  • Voice-over services to add depth and character to your videos

  • Drone and underwater

  • Logo creation and branding services to establish your visual identity

  • Professional headshots

Our passionate team combines their expertise with Fuji X cameras and a diverse array of lenses to craft images and videos that tell your story. Whether you're looking for a nostalgic photoshoot, a captivating short film, a personal documentary, or an eye-catching logo, we're here to bring your vision to life. We offer a standard hourly rate for most projects, with additional post-production services available to refine your desired aesthetic. Our commitment to quick turnaround times ensures that you receive your files and media promptly. Let us infuse your project with the magic of vintage-inspired visuals and immersive multimedia. Contact us today to discuss your ideas and embark on a creative journey together.

Retro Sparkle

Retro Sparkle offers photography and videography services with a focus on vintage and modern aesthetics. Specializing in film grading and color correction, we can transform your projects with nostalgic looks. From in-studio video editing , voice overs, music, foley, sound fx to on-site pro quality sound recordings, we bring your vision and media projects to life.

flat lay photo of camera gear on floor
flat lay photo of camera gear on floor

Capturing Retro Vibes

Experience the magic of retro photography and videography with our vintage lenses and film grading services. Turn your films into nostalgic masterpieces with our expert editing and sound design.

Vintage Lens Collection
Personalized Art Direction

Transform your projects with our unique vintage lens collection and personalized art direction services. Let us help you achieve the retro look you desire for your photography and videography projects.

Spectacular Service

Retro Video and Photography exceeded my expectations with their impeccable attention to detail and creative vision. The vintage lenses and film grading truly brought my project to life.

I was blown away by the professionalism and expertise of Retro Video and Photography. The sound design and editing services were top-notch, creating the perfect nostalgic vibe for my project.

Working with Retro Video and Photography was a dream come true. The personalized art direction and attention to detail made all the difference in capturing the exact look and style I was going for.

Retro Video and Photography truly delivers on their promise to help you achieve the look you want. Their on-site bookings and editing services are unparalleled, making them my go-to for all future projects.

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